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The eyes have it - Ophthorobotics AG

Patients with age-related retinal disease need regular injections in the eye. At the moment, these must be given by specially trained medical doctors, but a robot may well handle this task in the near future. Read more 


Congratulations to Prof. Bradley Nelson for his second ERC Advanced Grant

With his second ERC Advanced Grant, Prof. Nelson wants to develop microrobots made from soft, flexible materials that can change their shape and could be used in medical treatments. Microorganisms such as bacteria serve as models for the soft microrobots, which will be made from magnetic hydrogels.  Read more 


Robotics and Philosophy project - Workshop on "Moral Machines?"

What morals do intelligent machines have and need? Sometimes it’s the questions, rather than the answers, that show how the world is changing. For example, questions about the moral consequences of machines and computers becoming more intelligent. A group of ETH students have tackled this issue. Read more 


Dr. Franziska Ullrich on Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list

The members of this year’s 30 Under 30 Europe list are picked from almost one thousand online nominations and research by Forbes reporters. Read more 


"New Frontiers in Robotic Surgery" - a feature in the IEEE Pulse magazine

The latest high-tech surgical tools allow for superhuman sensing and more. Amongst other research highlights, our microrobotic research is featured. Read more 


Science Robotics journal launched

Science Robotics  has been launched to cover the most important advances in the development and application of robots, with interest in hardware and software as well as social interactions and implications. Read more 


25 women in robotics you need to know about - 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Simone Schuerle, a former member of our lab and to Prof. Margarita Chli, professor in IRIS - both one of 25 women in robotics you need to know about! Read more 


Mini-Robots cure from the inside

They transport drugs or perform minor operations: micro-robots could soon revolutionize medicine. 20min (a daily Swiss newspaper) wrote an article about our research. Read more 


The microdoctors in our bodies - article in the Globe magazine

ETH researchers are developing tiny, sophisticated technological and biological machines enabling non-invasive, selective therapies. Their creations include genetically modified cells that can be activated via brain waves, and swarms of microrobots that facilitate highly precise application of drugs. Read more 


ERC Starting Grants 2016 to two former team members

Congratulations to Prof. Christos Bergeles and Prof. Selman Sakar for receiving a 2016 ERC Starting Grant. Read more 

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